Announcing Esto Vox, the next Granular release

Team Granular is pleased to announce that the codename for the upcoming release of Granular has been decided. The codename was suggested by one of our Community Forums staff members, Aquafire, and was agreed upon by the others (forum staff members).

The codename for the next Granular release, Granular 1.0, is Esto Vox. Esto Vox means "Let us speak (together)". Just as a reminder, in case you don't know, the codename for the last Granular version, Granular 0.90, was Esto Vello. So, we are continuing the Esto series with the same "V" alphabet next to "Esto".

The release of Vox could be expected anytime in the current month, as the developers are doing their best to bring out a stable release as soon as possible. The first release will be a preview edition (suited for testing purposes) of the actual version 1.0. The final release date of Vox has not been decided yet.

Vox will come out with a lot of new features, some of them include:

  • Granular's own repository of RPMs (quite small right now)
  • New looks with updated artwork
  • Our own kernel
  • Updated packages
  • Granular's traditional easier-to-use interface
  • and much-much more...

So, look out for the preview release of Esto Vox in this month.



A granular-gnome along with granular-kde would be a wrapped up work.
Including awn or kiba-dock is almost a must. Some distros already have it.

Keep up........!


Once again, this release has really improved !

Esto vox should integrate kiba-dock, recognize other OS ad turn num lock on by default. My opinion. Thank you.


This release is quite good. Speed !!
In your next release, you should integrate AWN or kiba-dock (I prefer)

Kepp up your good work.