Granular 1.0 RC release

It is my pleasure to announce the availability of Granular 1.0 RC, the last development release before the final Granular 1.0. This release is more stable, user-friendly, usable, and more fun to use. Quite some bugs have been fixed, improvements made, updates done; thanks to your constant feedback on the previous release (Granular 1.0 Preview).

Granular 1.0 will be the most ambitious release for the Granular Project, and this release is just another step in that direction.

I want to thank all the developers and contributors in Team Granular and all the members of Granular Community Forums who helped achieve this release.

For more information about the release, please read the release notes.

Download this release from here.

We all here, at Team Granular, hope that you like this release and enjoy using it, as much as we enjoyed developing it.


I am downloading

I am downloading Granular
its screen shot is beautiful

I wonder whether you are going to develop a small Granular about 200 Mb that can run on usb

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Although we have no such

Although we have no such plans, but you can easily do that by removing all the software that you do not want and then install it on a pen drive by going to Menu > System > Make LiveUSB.