Granular Newsletter - February 2009

The newsletter for the month of February 2009 is out. This is the 7th edition of Granular Newsletter. The 6th edition was in published in October 2008.

Catch it here:

Let me remind the readers that the newsletter is a semi-regular one and not monthly.

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cannot add xmms player in granular 1

i was using granular ver 0.9 and i like xmms verymuch
since 1 has amerok only i need to install xmms
but it always says login failure try to login manually
anybody can help on this

Anurag Bhandari's picture

To install XMMS, open

To install XMMS, open Synaptic Package Manager, search for "xmms", and install it. Synaptic will handle all the dependencies.