Granular's first repository mirror

We are pleased to announce that the Granular repository has a new mirror. The mirror is a complete replica of our main repo hosted on So, in case you get low download speeds from the main repo or the main repo goes down, you can always use this new repo mirror in those cases.

To get started, add this information in Synaptic Package Manager:
Distribution: granular/2008
Section(s): e17 kde main extras

Additionally, there is a "test" section that can be added to the above sections list.

Instructions on adding a new repo in Synaptic can be found on our wiki page.


gcc compilers

I found that no gcc c++ compiler preinstalled on granular linux....
How can install them... Where to find them...

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I think you are looking for

I think you are looking for the package "gcc-c++". Open Synaptic Package Manager, search for "gcc-c++", select the 4.x (latest) version to install, and there you go.


No repository for Granular seems to work!

Even this new one!


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Could you describe a little

Could you describe a little more about the problem that you have been facing with Granular's repos?