Granular Packages development

The next version of Granular Linux would ship with the all new concept of Granular Packages (grl). This concept is aimed at easing the installation of new softwares (packages) in the Granular system of a user. Contrary to the source tar packages, which require to be compiled, built & installed by the end-user, the grl packages are pre-built packages ready to be installed through the granular command-line utility (Granular Installation Tool [GIT]). In this way, if a user feels the need of installing more applications other than bundled ones with Granular Linux, they can do it within an intuitive environment by just installing the grls; so no need of building a package before installation.
Many other aspects and features of this concept make it a unique and easy one. If you are interested in developing and maintaining grl packages of various applications for Granular Linux, then contact me personally for further information on how to get involved and prepare these grls.

My email: anurag[dot]bhd[at]gmail[dot]com