Granular v0.25 Installation problem fix

On some investigation, we found that there is some problem in the installer itself which prevents the installation of Granular LInux onto hard-disk. Some of the files related to the installer - draklive-install have been found to be corrupt. The solution to this problem is:

1. Log into Granular Linux through the usual LiveCD mode.
2. Make settings in the Granular Control Center to get connected to the internet.
3. Download the installation fix (patch) from
4. Read the instructions within the README that accompanies the archive.
5. And that's all. You're done

Note : Please let me remind you that this release of Granular (v0.25) is not public yet and is in beta only. We are trying hard to eliminate these type of errors. Thank you all for your responses and reporting the problem. You can continue to report problems at :

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.
--Team Granular