Granular FunWorks 2007 released

I am happy to announce the availability of Granular FunWorks 2007 (FW2007), the DVD extension of the successful v0.90. Apart from the size of the distro, much has changed from the previous release. This is a more stable, improved and feature-rich release. For more information, check the main release post at the top of the opening page page.


it is not better than a cd

it is not better than a cd version unless you have a highend graphic card. no new features added to kde and printing.gutenprinting 5.1.3 is not there for printing with latest printers.we can not intstall rpm without going to command line.addition of kpackage would have solve this."mycomputer" is not working properly.thers is no "kompile" to install software.offcourse there is a online updating packager,it is usefull only when you can connect to net .if you download in windows and installing software in linux there will be problem.
no updated software are installed except few updates of kde 3.5.7 (only few components not all).other gcc gtk and other are not updated.
if your allready updated your cd version with latest version there is no use of fresh intalation of dvd version,only if you got highend 3d cards.